@thecultureofme is a music, art, news, mp3, and nightlife photography Web site based in New York City. The focus is to consume for the consumer, provide resources of all kinds for the culturally needy, and document the lives and lifestyles of the young and vital. Think demographically of a Netflix addict who happens to peruse Interview magazine and seeks out open bars and killer DJ sets as often as possible, all the while setting style trends and knowing the best bands, tech, and brands before you’ve even heard of them.

Jeff Meltz aka @thecultureofme has been a professional nightlife and event photographer in New York City since 2005. During that time he has made his mark on the fashion, art, music, event and nightlife worlds with an energetic and refined approach to photography. Jeff believes that the magic is in the smallest moments, and seeks to capture that power in each image he creates, whether documenting an elegant runway show, candid moments shared on on the street or inside a raucous nightclub scene. His site is one of the most respected blogs among the new generation of Brooklyn and Manhattan influencers and luminaries.

Things to note: deathly afraid of cream cheese, some Indian food, bad grammar, the sound of ligaments/bones/hearts breaking, and insects. Also looking endlessly for a lyric to match “Teenage dreams/ so hard to beat”.


MP3s on @thecultureofme are available for a limited time only and are intended for evaluation purposes. If you like what you hear, support the artists featured by buying their records, rocking out at their shows, and wearing the t-shirts for VICE to make fun of.

(Ed. note a/o October 5, 2009: The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will soon pass requirements that put into law that blogs—like @thecultureofme—must clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products. Now, we don’t get a check for making reference to band X, Y or Z, but boy, we’ll tell you, we get a lot of freebies and payola-like items from labels, PR companies, independent artists, etc. We’re on mailing lists and press contact databases, just like the tens of thousands of other “tastemaker” blogs and Web sites you all read every day. So, yeah, secrets are out, we guess. If you didn’t already know that, then, er, consider yourself enlightened. We don’t work for any of these labels, PR firms, artists, promoters, etc. and all of the opinions that appear on this Web site are ours and ours alone. We never make reference to things that we don’t like and wouldn’t think our readers would like or we wouldn’t back on our own, so rest assured: we’re merely using them to get free CDs, tickets to shows, invites to special events, crap and news like they’re all using this site and others like it to make even more money while claiming the recording industry is dead.)

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Some praise

"…rather splendid music blog." - Mark Hooper, Guardian UK

"You’re like the blog-house gazette." - Dances With White Girls

"a tireless events photographer, writer, party organizer and curator of [a] music, arts, awesome, etc. Web site" - Damien Neva, Ford Models Blog

"Thanks to music-photography blogs like @thecultureofme, you can forgo attendance at just about any hipster forum and still feel like you were there…the musicians and their eccentric fans are captured through a fuchsia-tinted lens." - Sophia Betz, Zoom-In Online

"…a hip New Yorker who writes about the music, art and nightlife that inspire. Take one part Studio 54, one part Village Voice, add a large helping of originality, and you’ve got @thecultureofme" - TypePad feature

"…normally great…" - vainattempt blog

"that blog just keeps getting bigger and bigger doesn’t it?" -

"Apparently humor is lost on the likes of your pathetic indie ass…" - Kristen, a reader

"writes about music and things I want to read about." - a StumbleUpon user

"…some great stuff." - Blake Garris,

"And by ‘me,’ they mean ‘you,’ and by ‘you,’ they mean someone super hip. Music! Art! Fashion!" - Anne Stewart, "53 of the Best Indie Music Blogs"

"@thecultureofme has been busy — every time we open our goddamn inboxes, we’ve got three new emails from them. But unlike those reminders from your mom to make a dental appointment, their emails actually get opened. Why? Because they consistently find the best up-and-coming tracks and they have something intelligent to say about them. Music blogging at its best." - MeanRed Productions

"Your [sic] gay" - Jon, a reader

"The hippest of the hip, @thecultureofme chronicles music that should be in the know as well as the happenings of those in the know, specifically of NYC nightlife. Tunes + tales of the city = cultural coolness" -

"You’re really interesting and I’m glad to have been a part of that." - my psychologist

"T@thecultureofme is not only A) down with the Royal We, B) not above posting the Doherty heroin video with a ‘Godspeed’ wish at the bottom but C) out of EVERYONE that is posting the new Hot Chip track, asks that you sign up for the band newsletter… which was the whole point of the free giveaway to start with. The other blogs should be ashamed." - punkphoto

"Nicely writted [sic] personal blog with some various indie etc. musical offerings and more" - Gravy Bread

"I think what you’re doing is great." - mom and dad

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