Stream: The Weeknd - “Same Old Song (Paper Diamond remix)”

It’s nice to keep Abel Tesfaye a/k/a The Weeknd's yearning vocals in place as much as possible when you're employing your own production know-how for a remix, and Paper Diamond realized this right away, crafting an edit that’s crunchier than the original and a bit more fierce, even if the stuttering, staccato rhythm plays along quite nicely. Neither the kept vocals nor the new edit’s arrangement trump the other player, and that’s a total win.


Video: The Weeknd - “The Knowing”

Someone tell us what the hell is going on in this alternate fantasy world of 2D and 3D simulated laser eyes and mathematics, blips, bloops, brain exposing, world destroying and time elapsing, ok?

We like the unofficial videos for Abel Tesfaye’s The Weeknd project, where it’s mostly just beautiful people doing dirty things, but this clip directed by Mikael Colombu for House Of Balloons's “The Knowing” is brilliant and too strange to not be enamored with as well.


Download: The Weeknd - “Initiation”

A week ago Abel Tesfaye and company in The Weeknd put up their latest sexed up and chopped up song “Initiation”, garnering over 60,000 streams on Soundcloud to date, but today on the group’s Tumblr, they put up a download link for the song. So, before that link dies out, we’ve got you covered here, so enjoy the martial drums and warped vocals of “Initiation” and keep a lock on the band’s Tumblr for more leaks and surprises.

(mp3)    The Weeknd - Initiation


Download: Coeur de Pirate - “Wicked Games (The Weeknd cover)”

Abel Tesfaye's amazingly tragic tale of drugs and sex and desire and lechery and risk gets tossed on its head with the sparse instrumentation of just a piano line and Béatrice Martin's just-as-affected vocal delivery, transforming the House Of Balloons song “Wicked Games” into a broken, ragged and cracked (and cracked-out) sob story. Coeur de Pirate has been a perennial favorite of ours for some time now, and we’re still waiting for her supposed new record, which is still alleged to be releasing this year.

(mp3)    Coeur de Pirate - Wicked Games (The Weeknd cover)


Web: Get “Thursday”, the new album from The Weeknd right now

Nine more songs of sexed up and drugged up love songs from Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd are now available for free download, much like the first mixtape/album that electrified the pop world just a few months ago, House of Balloons. Thursday is full of more of Tesfaye’s penchant for women in danger, women who cause danger and scenarios that both imply, and it features a few songs leaked before (“Rolling Stone”, “The Birds”) and all nine are worthy of many a repeat today and into the future.


01 Lonely Star
02 Life Of The Party
03 Thursday
04 The Zone
05 The Birds Part One
06 The Birds Part Two
07 Gone
08 Rolling Stone
09 Heaven Or Las Vegas