Cruiser - “Moving To Neptune”

Premiere: IAMEVE - “Another Day”

Another lovely pop gem from IAMEVE, “Another Day” is a well-produced, even-better-sung tune that is now up on Bandcamp for an as-you-like-it download scale. It’s worth a handful of dollars to be honest, and just hearing it might convince you of the sort. We’ll let you in on a little secret: “Another Day” and IAMEVE are both very, very promising.

Stream: Pizza! - “We Come From The Swamp” full album

Stream: Silent Drape Runners - “New Vibes”

In case you missed it forever ago, here’s your primer on one of the weirdest bat-shit crazy but still consistently wide-eyed amazing duo Silent Drape Runners.


Not at all mad at the hat-tip to feminist/social activism icon Gloria Jean Watkins a/k/a bell hooks on the new mixtape from Chicago crew BBU. The release is out now for free download from our friends at Mishka.


Stream: Tayisha Busay - “Heartmeat/Lovemuscle”

The unbearably fun trio of Tayisha Busay say goodbye with this Valentine’s Day romp, “Heartmeat/Lovemuscle”, which you can download for free on their Bandcamp right now. The ladies and gent are playing one final show at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on Friday, promising to be a glittery, enchanting time.


Stream: Silent Drape Runners’ “New Vibes” EP

Finally out for streaming and downloading (free!), the debut track from Silent Drape Runners, “New Vibes”, comes from the weirdo mind of Flavorpill’s Russ Marshalek, and he described the process as creating “live soundtracks to ‘Twin Peaks’ while we worked on some original material”, which sounds pretty spot-on.


Stream: Whole Sick & Tomb Crew - “I Go Sick”

Jam of the day status goes to the team at Top Billin and the combination of Whole Sick and Tomb Crew for “I Go Sick”, a total electronic club slayer. Dancehall call-outs, syncopated beats and vocal chop-ups all throughout the mix. The single comes with two remixes and a dub, including a rework from Udachi.


Live: Fort Lean are opening for Male Bonding next Saturday at Glasslands

Joining headliners Male Bonding and openers Fort Lean are Love Inks, making a bill that is both super accessible and super recommended for those of you already in prep mode for CMJ this year, as both Fort Lean and Love Inks will surely be big draws, and really when has Male Bonding not been that? If you’ve been watching the #greedhead hashtag on Twitter (the imprint that Himanshu Suri of Das Racist is now directing), you’d know that Fort Lean are a hugely-tipped act so far. The boys play first, and the show starts at 8pm, Saturday August 27 at Glasslands Gallery on Kent Ave. in Brooklyn. Fort Lean’s Bandcamp page has a free EP of tunes for your ears to fall in love with right now.

(mp3)    Fort Lean - High Definition