Stream: Silent Drape Runners’ “New Vibes” EP

Finally out for streaming and downloading (free!), the debut track from Silent Drape Runners, “New Vibes”, comes from the weirdo mind of Flavorpill’s Russ Marshalek, and he described the process as creating “live soundtracks to ‘Twin Peaks’ while we worked on some original material”, which sounds pretty spot-on.


Knapsack - “Katherine The Grateful (live)”

Recorded six days after the bill that changed us forever—Knapsack, Archers of Loaf and At The Drive-In. Here’s another reason why the 1990s were our salad days for loud-quiet-loud indie rock.

Side-note, this band had its beginnings at UC Davis, so it’s timely, we guess.


Download: How To Dress Well - “Here In Heaven (Elite Gymnastics cover)”

Tom Krell b/k/a How To Dress Well takes on the Minnesota duo Elite Gymnastics cut “Here In Heaven” for a version of that band’s Ruin cut, as part of a larger covers and remixes package set for release in November via Acephale called Ruin 3. CFCF, Physical Therapy & Unicorn Kid also feature on the November release. For now, though, please enjoy the broken and shattered emoting that Krell uses to his advantage all the time on this extra special cover.

(mp3)    How To Dress Well - Here In Heaven (Elite Gymnastics cover)