We shot the service at the National Cathedral, and during rehearsals there were a number of clergy standing around watching. I walked up to a priest who was standing nearby and said, “Excuse me, Father? I think you should know that in the scene we’re about to do Martin Sheen is going to curse at God.” He smiled and said, “I know, it’s gonna be great.”
The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin reminisces candidly for The Hollywood Reporter — along with other cast and crew — about the show’s inner workings and eventual demise. (via matthewb)

But Skerrit’s move to the church didn’t seem so dramatic to those who knew him best. HQ Squad tells me that from Skerrit’s early club days at Club Savoy, God was still a part of his life even after a long night of Saturday-night partying, “In the morning, he would say, ‘mi a go church.’”

These days Skerrit Bwoy is going to a church called the Brooklyn Full Gospel Tabernacle and studying to become a producer. He tells me he wants to make gospel tracks that can be listened to casually and played in clubs.