Get DarkerTV #134 - Goth-Trad b2b Hatcha, MC Flow Dan, Crazy D, Syte, LEGEND4RY + more

Geode & P-era - Kushida
50 Carrot - Eyes (dub)
Requake - Bunnyhop (dub)
Standard-Procedure - Dusk (unsigned dub)
Caski - Lunatic (GHOST recordings)
Bisweed & Plater - Robbery (dub)
D2 - Bounce (dub)
MuK - No Hats No Trainers (D2 VIP) (Dubstar)
Megalodon & Doctor - Grenade Launcher (dub)
Badklaat - Frequency Skank (Bassclash)
D2 - Slugger (zest clothing Free D/L)
Enme & Mc Flyte - Back Da Fuck Up (LADN recordings)
Bukez Finest - Headnodder (Dubstar)
Megalodon & Doctor - Like This (section 8)
Bukez Finest - Macho (BASSLIEBE)
MIK - Donny Don (Vital Techniques Remix) (Second to None music Free D/L)
AD & Alias - Kick A Hole In The Speaker (dub)
Enme - Loony Tunes (LADN)
Standard-Procedure - Informer (unsigned dub)
Disonata & Anex - Tiers (dub)
Electrik Blue - The Way It Is In London - Dj Enme Dubstep Mix
Standard-Procedure - Shut Ya Mouth (forthcoming Section 8)
Unatural Forces - Shiva (dub)
50 Carrot - Original Haze (free D/L)
Disonata & MuK - Swamp Men (dub)
Chewie & Dubtekt - Primitive (dub)
Standard-Procedure & Greenfingerz - Dreamcatcha (free d/L)

Dubbelshot - The Future [Unsigned]
Ramadanman - Good Feeling [2nd Drop/free 320] (Tease)
PearsonSound - Blanked [Hessle Audio]
Pearson Sound - PLSN [Hessle Audio] (tease)
Headhunter - Sicon [Freebee]
Dubbelshot - You Know I Know [Unsigned]
Legend4ry - Drugs Of Choice [Unsigned]
Pressa - Place Of Seclusion [Unsigned]
FSTZ - Fresh Gizzards [Phantom Hertz]
Legend4ry - Stoner Movement (Motivational Vocal Edit) [Unsigned]
Legend4ry - Lovely Bones [Unsigned]
Ex1 - WHUT! [Unsigned]
Texie & Focus - Open Your Eyes [3rdeyeLDN]
Person Sound - PLSN [Hessle Audio]
Legend4ry - Full Effect [Unsigned]
Pusherman - Shake It Off [LNUK]
Legend4ry - Detramental [Dubstrict Records]
Legend4ry - Troubling Sounds [Unsigned]
Legend4ry - Six Feet Deep [Unsigned]
Cyrus - Visions [Deep Medi]
Chewie - Iridescence [Gramma Audio]
Quest - Stand [Deep Medi]
Dubtro - Forgot Past Storage [MindstepMusic]

Subreachers - Karaubawa [Dub]
Gantz - Left Right Hindsight [Innamind Dub]
Congi - Cult [Tribe12 Dub]
Occult - Cauldron [Dub]
Rowl - AllCity [Dub]
Perverse - Cerberus [MindStep Music Dub]
Tallan - Before You Speak [Dub]
Cluekid - Into The Jungle [Terrain Dub]
Content & Pheral - Dissonance [Dub]
Sleeper & Thelem - Untitled [Dub]
Ipman - Radiate [Dub]
Killawatt & Content - Quantum [Dub]
Sleeper & District - Zero Day [Chestplate Dub]
Pistonsbeneath - Resonate VIP [MindStep Music Dub]
Core - Bassmental [Dub]
Cessman - Stampede [Sin City Dub]
Razor Rekta - LokoMotiv [Chestplate Dub]
Killawatt & Core - Black Mamba [Artikal Music Dub]
D Cult - Human [Dub]
Cessman, RDG & O-Dessa - Crystal Palace [Dub]
Valor - Frank Jaeger [Dub]
Pheral - Untitled (Knowledge Remix) [M.U.D Dub]
SIX & Syte - Wretch [Dub]

We wish!

Stream: Мишка presents “Keep Watch Vol. XXXI”, curated by Darq E Freaker

A member of grime collective Oil Gang, Darq E Freaker is a vicious producer with a taste for metallic synths and trunk rattling trap beats. His Keep Watch Mix is packed to the gills with originals and exclusives – the only place you can get all of Freaker’s freakiest tracks in one place. Don’t miss his remixes of Adele and Kelis, which get grimey makeovers.


01 Next Hype Relay (Medley) (feat. Merky Ace, Rival, D Power, Big Narstie & Marger)
02 Go Nuts (Ultramix)
03 P.M.W. [Pussy, Money, Weed] (feat. Big Chess & Blade Brown)
04 Hulk
05 Confrontation
06 Skengman Williams
07 The A13
08 The General
09 Pay Up
10 Monks On Gaza
11 Lock Of The Rave (ultramix)
12 Namaste (Next Dimension)
13 Ironside (Kill Bill)
14 Wandering
15 Mystic
16 Blueberry
17 Adele - “Rolling In The Deep (Darq E Freaker ultramix)”
18 Autumn
19 Turbo Kids
20 Calvin Harris feat. Kelis - “Bounce (Darq E Freaker ultramix)”
21 Graft
22 Atari Bounce
23 Marcus Burnett
24 Retribution


Stream: Wiley - “Cheer Up, It’s Christmas”

We totally hate most if not all of the holiday music of any kind that comes out on the airwaves/Internet from November 1 until after the new year, but Wiley’s Christmas-themed tune from his forthcoming album “Evolve or be Extinct”, out January 19, is pretty good enough to pass.


Contests: Win a tee shirt, iTunes gift card and album from Tinie Tempah

As part and parcel of his huge push for sales and reach of his debut record Disc-Overy, UK hip hop king-to-be Tinie Tempah has given us the opportunity to push him even more with this amazing contest. At stake for the winner? The above “Disturbing London” tee shirt designed by Tempah, a copy of the record Disc-Overy, and to top it all off, a $100 iTunes gift card for you to spend on whatever you want (may we suggest work from Ellie Goulding or Labrinth, both collaborators on Disc-Overy?).

Here’s how to win:

Using Twitter, re-tweet the message below. Just copy and paste it and you’ll be good to go:
Hey @thecultureofme I want that cool @tinietempah prize-pack! Click here for more info: #tcomtinie

Then, just make sure you’re following us on Twitter. You should be already, but if you’re not (weird), you can follow us by clicking here. Then you’re all set. We’ll run the contest UNTIL MONDAY and the winner (selected at random, obviously) will get a notification from us.

(mp3)    Labrinth feat. Tinie Tempah - Earthquake


Photos: The Trouble & Bass 5 Year Anniversary show on September 16

Five years strong, the kids of Brooklyn-based and Brooklyn-bassed Trouble & Bass (AC Slater, Star Eyes, The Captain and Drop The Lime) celebrated their anniversary this past Friday night at Webster Hall, inviting a ton of their friends including Chris Reed aka dubstep/grime Londoner Plastician to play alongside them. The night featured appearances all throughout, including Carrie Wilds, Dell, Megan Thomas, Badman Shark, Deathface, dancers Raquel Reed and Nikki Delmonico, DJ Craze and a slew of others popping by to say hello and congratulations, as the team succeeded in making the crowd feel alive with heavy bass and intense dance music for a few short hours on Friday, capping off an already-amazing run thus far. Now, we all turn our heads toward the horizon for what’s next. Girls & Boys, stand by.

[nggallery id=607]

(mp3)    Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster remix)


Video: Roots Manuva feat. Rokhsan - “Get The Get”

Here’s the new music video/shopping outtakes clip for “Get The Get” featuring the vocalist assistance from backpacker not hand-bagger Rokhsan, taken from Roots Manuva's upcoming album 4everevolution, all shot in a fake bag shop and a parking lot. "Get The Get" will be released September 26, featuring remixes from Breakage and Slugabed. There’s nothing in the world like having fun making videos, no?


Video: DELS feat. Roots Manuva and Joe Goddard - “Capsize”

Once again pushing the envelope of visual design in music videos and, more to the point, hip hop/pop videos, Big Dada/Ninja Tune artist DELS takes his latest journey into grayscale and space with "Capsize", where three dimensions and CGI mix into this weirdo fun-house of amazing cuts and chops and also fashion, as Roots Manuva and Joe Goddard of Hot Chip join in the fun only in song, leaving DELS to be the sole inhabitant of the worldly maze. The “Capsize” single and EP package is out now and available for $3.99.


01 Capsize
02 Capsize (Lucasse Island re-dub)
03 Capsize (Entrepreneurs remix)
04 Capsize (Marla remix)
05 Capsize (re-imagined by Minotaur)


Video: Dappy - “No Regrets”

Dappy (nee Dino Contostavlos) is one-third of the UK smasher grime pop group N-Dubz, and “No Regrets” is the first single and title track from his forthcoming solo debut effort, out September 19. The video for the track, shot by music video legendary director Benny Boom (Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, R Kelly, Snoop Dogg), is all high production value, posturing, side storylines and rooftops aka a really nice attempt to get some fans stateside. It’s working we think.