Tech entrepreneurs, long obsessed with making apps to help you find a relationship, have now begun trying to solve the problem of staying happy in one,” wrote Ann Friedman on The Cut, a blog of New York magazine. Ms. Friedman points to apps like Avocado, Couple and Between as smartphone apps that “keep you close with your partner through the power of a smartphone alone.


French newspaper removes all images in support of photographers

"A visual shock. For the first time in its history, Libération is published without photographs. In their place: a series of empty frames that create a form of silence; an uncomfortable one. It’s noticeable, information is missing, as if we had become a mute newspaper. [A newspaper] without sound, without this little internal music that accompanies sight."



Words on the Street About the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Only one day since its launch and everyone’s already talking about the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner! Netizens can hardly contain their excitement over the analogue accessory and here’s what they had to say about it. Just in case you needed more convincing. ;-)

You guys make an easy solution to scan Instax and Polaroids like this or something akin to it, and I’ll bite.