In 1964, Marshall McLuhan, arguably the father of modern communications theory and the fore-bearer of the now-obvious TED-talking-optimist and change-agent, coined the phrase, “the medium is the message”, in which the chosen medium a message is transmitted effects how the message is received and the shifts in cultural norms and values that come with both the content and the communicative choice.

Fifty years on, and maybe some things have changed in that theory, but Yung Jake, a viral rapper with less syrupy delivery skills than Lil’ Wayne but a better handle on the Internet age, seems to have co-opted the entire landscape of the mediums of 2012 (that of social communities, media and tribes) to make the video for “”, a sensory-overload (seriously close everything you have and load up Google Chrome for this to work 100%) attempt at showcasing how deep he can go into the intersections of our now-everyday lives on a series of tubes called The Internet.

Along the way down the rabbit hole, one can lose the sense of what the actual content is, and only shift his/her focus to the medium and experience itself, which is a win for both the long-dead but still super-relevant McLuhan and the Web itself, fast approaching a position of being The Singular Experience That Connects Us All.

Giant hat-tip to our Bay Area-repping but Queens-living friend Mike Baker The Bike Maker for tuning us into this essential experience.